Dima Bartenev self-photography

Dima Bartenev

All chaos in me

Push it!

Dima Bartenev

  My name is Dmitry Bartenev, I'm from Russia. I am a photographer and I work in the technique of collage and assemblage. I shoot portraits and self-portraits. My main topic of exploration of myself and others is «Bad Feelings». My photography is mainly about depression, destructive self-feeling, outsidership, bad feelings and feelings. For a long time I went to the realization of what and why I shoot. And I found the answer a few years later — the study of myself and finding myself in the world around me, through the deformation and change of photography through the prism of uniqueness. Each of us is unique — like every photo, which is difficult to repeat.  

My cameras

  • Nikon D7000
  • Lumix DMC-G2
  • Zenit
  • Instax Mini Liplay

My mind

I photograph bad feelings and emotions through portraits and self-portraits