I was always aware of someone's presence nearby — an invisible, black, blurry figure that had been hiding behind my shoulder and following me for most of my life. It has no gender, no name, and no clear boundaries, but its colour is always black. 

In my project «No one», I try to understand what is hidden from my eyes in myself, approaching that closed and long gone in the past «Me».

When you live a long period of life with inner loneliness, you begin to plunge more and more into illusions and fiction, moving away from actual events. «No one» is the place where everything starts and ends. A place that is in the imagination and that is not in reality. A metaphor for the gap between the fictional and the real world. The image of the intersection of two realities.

«No one» is a kind of gap from which images, impressions, feelings and fears ooze. I direct them to photos, capturing these experiences and adding manipulations, the pictures end with sediment that remains on the edges of this gap.

«No one» is a game and a search for the one who lurks behind my back, who stretches his black hands to me. And in the end, that something will be me. If we perceive everything through our senses, and any distorted information can be perceived as truth, then something lives in me, and it is real.

«No one» is a wound. «No one» is a place inside me. «No one» is the inability to be someone or associate yourself with society. «No one» is an inability to find a place for myself.