«Outside-inside» is a self-portrait project about the collision of two worlds — internal and external, ordering into something beautiful, finding meaning through the prism of human perception. Pictures of self-portraits are me, as if, inside, and objects and a collage, like sensations, are outside.

Each work in this project embodies a tribute to the uniqueness of each of us, our capabilities, our interaction with the material world, showing our inherent uniqueness, difference from others. Understanding yourself and your images in your head, penetrating into the depths of your experiences is the most difficult way to know. The photographs that I take or create are part of the history of my Vision or inner feelings, they help me to realize something, to release the accumulated energy.

Hope, deceit, beauty, fear, anxiety and change within us: I put compositions together to let go of the itchy image in my head and move on to explore. I reflect when creating a frame, I embody myself in the fusion of photography with the outside world.

«Outside-inside» is an endless project that can be replenished throughout life. For each frame is an image, and an image is a unit of creative power.